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A letter of credit is a legal document certifying that the exporter is providing the right products to the importer.


It is used by the buyer’s bank as an assurance for the seller to receive the payments. The seller needs to fulfil certain conditions before being eligible to receive this document.

Small businesses majorly use this as a form of financial credibility to attract foreign parties and close international deals. This works well for new companies especially in India, as the Middle East businesses hesitate to collaborate with them. The International letter of credit increases the trust and payment guarantee for western partners.

The letter of credit further builds a risk-free foundation for the expansion of businesses. These are customizable and alternative forms of financing. The process of getting an LC becomes even easier when a reputable bank and LC agency are involved.

We at Bandenia Challenger Bank, help you get the letter of credit, along with other financial instruments, without much hassle and with utmost reliability. Over the years, we have worked with several establishments globally to facilitate these deals making us the best one to choose from.

How can you get an LC?


Whether it is a commercial process, a business or an international letter of credit, it is quintessential for each one to have the following to get an LC:

  • Good credit score
  • Appropriate income

Benefits of Letter of Credit:

It serves benefits for both the exporters and importers, which include:

  • After completing the documents, the letter of credit ensures a payment guarantee for the exporter.
  • Builds trust between buyers and sellers.
  • They are more customizable as compared to alternative financing methods.
  • Importers and exporters can craft their terms and conditions based on situations.
  • It acts as a risk-free foundation for business expansion.

For many business owners, the process can be tiresome. So, we at Bandenia Challenger Bank are here to help you with it. Our team of financial experts guides you through the process to get your application approved without much hassle.

Letter of Credit Consultancy Services

In finance, a letter of credit is a document issued by a financial institution mainly used in trade financing. The financial institution gives an irreversible payment commitment. Letters of credit are generally utilized in high-value international commerce transactions involving transactions between a supplier in one country and a client in another. In a broader sense, a letter of credit is one of the payment mechanisms used in international commerce transactions. Letters of credit are the only payment instrument with a balanced risk structure for both the payer and the recipient.

Types of Letter of Credit

You can avail of our assistance for the following types of letter of credit:


Commercial letter of credit

International trade transactions such as exporting and importing transactions mostly rely on commercial letters of credit, the principal tool used in global commerce. The newest version of the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) is used to issue most commercial letters of credit (Uniform Customs and Practise for Documentary Credits). The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) publishes the Uniform Commercial Procedures (UCP), a collection of standards that govern the procedures for commercial letters of credit.


Import/Export Letter of Credit

Exporters and importers commonly utilize letters of credit to settle payments for the sale of commodities. A letter of credit is a guarantee from a bank to the exporter that they will pay them. To assure payment by the issuing bank, the exporter must meet all criteria of the letter of credit. The major benefit of import letter of credit is fraud risk mitigation. Export LC decreases the credit risk as the issuing bank is liable to pay even if the importer defaults.


Revocable Letter of Credit

Revocable letters of credit allow the issuer to alter or terminate the credit at any time without giving the beneficiary prior notification of the change or cancellation. Since revocable letters of credit do not protect the beneficiary, they are not utilized very often in business. In addition, UCP 600 does not mention revocable letters of credit or other similar documents. Unless otherwise agreed upon by the parties, any credits according to UCP 600 are final and irreversible.


Irrevocable Letter of Credit

The parties to an irrevocable letter of credit must agree to any changes or cancellations. Letters of credit that have not been verified by both the issuing bank and the recipient cannot be changed without the written approval of both parties. If you want to make changes or cancel an irrevocable letter of credit that has been confirmed, you'll need to get the bank's written approval.


Revolving Letter of Credit

A letter of credit covering many transactions over time is known as a "revolving" letter of credit. Because it is only used for shipments of the same commodity between the same customer (the importer) and the supplier, it is incredibly narrow in scope (exporter). For a specific period or a specific amount of transactions, a letter of credit is only issued once. There is no need to create new letters of credit every time you need to make a transaction.


Back to Back Letter of Credit

Back-to-Back letter of credit in the form of LC is utilized when an intermediary is involved in a transaction that consists of a buyer and a seller. A broker or dealer works as a middleman between the seller and the buyer in most cases. The middleman receives the LC from the buyer instead of the supplier. To secure a shipment, the broker sends the primary LC to a bank as collateral and requests a new LC to be issued in return for the cargo.


Documentary Letter of Credit

If you're doing business with a new partner or in a location with more risks, our documentary letter of credit might help you reduce the risks. A Letter of Credit is a bank's irrevocable written obligation to pay a specific monetary amount to a supplier of goods or services by the Letter of Credit conditions. The recipient of the Letter of Credit (authorized supplier) provides the documents specified in the Letter of Credit conditions.


Standby Letter of Credit

Commercial letters of credit are a method of payment that can be used when the principal satisfies its responsibilities to the creditor. A standby Letter of Credit (SBLC) is a quick and simple method of raising the value of your assets, hence expanding your investment potential. Whether your company is conducting business locally or abroad, an SBLC may assist you in a variety of ways, helping your company achieve its investment project objectives straightforwardly and securely.

What we offer

Looking for a letter of credit refinance consultancy services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Saudi Arabia, India, UK, and Bangladesh? If so, you came to the right place. We have great expertise in helping and issuing financial institution letters of credit.


As a standby letter of credit consultancy service provider, we will help you to run your business in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Saudi Arabia, India, UK, and Bangladesh.

  • Support the fulfillment of financial commitments and agreements while maintaining investment objectives and optimizing cash flow.
  • Help inefficient of establishing new business ties.
  • Ensure that the company has sufficient funds to meet its operational requirements.
  • Simplify both domestic and international commerce and transactions.
  • Assist in reducing the expense of international business.

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